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Skin surface microscope for detecting lesions * Bright 2.5v halogen illumination and 10x optic syste..
$206.23 $200.05
Full featured pocket otoscope that sacrifices nothing but size * Pocket Otoscope features * 2.5v hal..
$177.06 $171.75
Standard Otoscope * An affordable otoscope that offers high quality optics and workmanship * German ..
$77.38 $75.06
Quantifies specific dB and frequency hearing loss with precision testing * Offers a full range of fr..
$2,198.49 $2,132.54
View the tympanic membrane and ear canal while screening for hearing loss quickly and accurately * C..
$1,180.16 $1,144.75
Full-featured ophthalmoscope and fiber-optic otoscope integrated into one easy-to-use instrument * F..
$713.82 $692.40
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